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Thank you for your interest in AADMM’s Certification Process. Please review the following preliminary details. More information will be posted as it becomes available. Please check the website regularly.

Certification by the American Association of Daily Money Managers demonstrates in a tangible way the professionalism among daily money managers and supports the AADMM’s commitment to “promoting high standards of client services provided by members, and to supporting the growth of the daily money management industry, in numbers of providers, in recognition of the field, and in the quality of services provided.” Through voluntary certification individual members can validate their skill level and add to their credentials as a leader in the industry.  

As daily money managers we provide personal business assistance to clients who have difficulty managing their personal monetary and business affairs on a daily basis. The purpose of the certification is to assure that the applicant has had sufficient opportunity to apply learned skills and knowledge, and has been exposed to the nuances and challenges of the profession. To be eligible for the AADMM PDMM Certification an individual must have experience in the field; work may be performed for individuals or small businesses by the applicant in the capacity of a daily money manager for clients. Working within a corporation or company doing similar tasks where that company does not perform daily money management services is not acceptable.

Certification is optional and entirely voluntary. AADMM is the certifying body, but there is no connection between membership in the organization and the certification process. (To be an AADMM member doesn't require certification and to be certified doesn't require AADMM membership).

A PDMM may only lapse their certification and retest one time during their lifetime.

Certified Professional Daily Money Managers

Certification Process

Proctored Examination Dates and Locations

  • Friday, November 10, 2017 (in conjunction with the Annual Conference)
    San Diego, California - Applications to sit for the exam must be received no later than Sept. 22, 2017
    Specific location will be announced in 2017.

  • AADMM can schedule a proctored exam in your local area. Contact the business office at 814-357-9191 for more information.

The Certification Board meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month to review Education and PDMM applications. All items that require review must be submitted prior to the 1st Tuesday of the month or they will be reviewed at the following monthly meeting.

The application form, frequently asked questions, and important information about testing are available from the links below.

PDMM® Certification Review Course

PDMM® Candidate Requirements

PDMM® Certification Application

PDMM® Certification Exam Content Outline

Documentation of Eligibility Example

Frequently Asked Questions

Exam Study Materials

PDMM® Proper Use Guidelines

Online Continuing Education Tracking System

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