American Association of Daily Money Managers
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This category is for individual paid practitioners who provide daily money management services and for those who are planning to become daily money managers. Active members may hold office and have voting rights. Active members are included on our Website reference list along with a hot link to their own website.

 Membership fee: $225 annually.


This membership level is for businesses or other organizations that provide daily money management services. One individual must be designated as the principal contact and voting member, but a total of 3 individuals working within that organization may be included on the AADMM reference listings and have access to all member benefits.

Membership fee: $375 annually.

For Agency/or Business memberships, additional members (beyond the three included in the initial membership) may join AADMM for a fee of $100 annually per member. Contact information for each individual, as well as the notarized copy of the Code of Ethics, must be submitted.


Affiliate members are individuals or businesses who do not provide daily money management services, but have interest in industry related issues. This would include retired daily money managers and those in services that work closely with the profession. This membership category has no voting rights, but receives all other member benefits.

Membership fee: $275 annually.


Print, fill out and submit our standard Membership Application or the Online Membership Application.


Applicants for Active or Agency/Business membership should print the AADMM Code of Ethics from the link below. Review and sign the Code of Ethics document and submit along with your completed Membership Application. We also recommend you keep a copy for your own records.


After filling your membership application form, please submit with the notarized copy of the Code of Ethics as follows:

Via FAX:
Via Postal Mail to:
AADMM Records Office
174 Crestview Drive
Bellefonte, PA 16823

174 Crestview Drive . Bellefonte, PA 16823-8516
Phone: 814-357-9191 . Fax: 814-355-2452 . Email: