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Below is a list of recordings now available. As webinars are held, this site will be updated on a regular basis.

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Adding Facebook to Your Marketing Mix

This webinar will open your eye’s to what’s possible with Facebook advertising. Many people don’t know all the possibilities they have at their fingertips and this will empower you with information. You will learn how to get started with your first ad on Facebook the right way.

Blogging Basics for Daily Money Managers

This webinar teaches attendees why a blog is integral in growing their daily money management practices. Participants learn why growing and maintaining a blog will help establish themselves as experts in the daily money management industry, and why a blog makes their practices operate more efficiently. The following key practices for building your reputation and business with a blog are covered:
  • Why a blog is important
  • How to choose a blog platform that is right for you
  • What to write on your blog
  • How to promote your blog to your target audience

LinkedIn for Business Development

LinkedIn has become an invaluable tool for marketing professional services. However, most professionals do not know how to maximize its potential to enhance their image and promote their services. This webinar outlines all the benefits LinkedIn has to offer, the many ways to optimize the use of LinkedIn to realize these benefits and an extensive tour of the site to demonstrate how to use it most effectively.

Exit and Succession Clarity for the Daily Money Manager

For most business owners, their company is the largest asset on their personal balance sheet. The decision regarding whether to stay or exit the business you own and operate is complicated. Proper planning can dramatically increase the clarity entrepreneurs experience regarding the decision to stay or go. This webinar will expose participants to the framework they can use to increase their own exit and succession planning clarity. Participants will learn the Five Key Questions that they must answer before they can craft a successful exit plan. In addition, participants will be exposed to how these Five Key Questions will shape the strategies they use to address seven most common sources of exit trouble.

Financial Fitness: Managing your DMM Business

This webinar will focus on the importance of good financial management of your DMM business. Topics of cash flow statements (budgeting) and profit loss statements to help you gain greater insight into the growth and financial health of your business will be covered. Participants will learn how to better manage business finances by using and creating P&L, cash flow statements, and financial projections.

Media Training 101: Practical tips on how to be a successful spokesperson for your DMM business: presented by Bob Saline, APR, Fellow PRSA, President/CEO, PRworks, Inc.

This webinar encourages every AADMM member to find new and inventive ways to gain awareness for their practice and AADMM using traditional and emerging media. Included are the do’s and don’ts of contacting your local news outlets, the importance of building relationships with them and understanding the preparation and time commitment you need to invest. Tips and hits for getting noticed by reporters by positioning yourself as an expert, pitching (especially the importance of tailoring your pitches to each reporter vs. mass, informal emails) and becoming the source for your regional media are covered. You get an interview request – now what?! What to expect, how to prepare, managing nerves, staying on message, and, if necessary, what to do if you are misquoted.


Marketing: What you need and what you don’t: presented by JoAnne Alter, President, JBA Media Group

Marketing is essential for any business to attract and retain clients. To that end, every business owner is pressured to buy advertising space in community publications, listings in directories, and ads on social media sites. Should you buy them? The answer is probably a resounding, “No.” Some key marketing tools do cost money. However, many of the best tools cost no money at all. Marketing: What you need and what you don’t explores the best marketing strategies and tactics – including many that are free. The webinar also covers which marketing approaches to consider and which to forget about. Participants will receive specific advice on the overriding principles that apply to everything they do to market their business. They will also come away from this webinar knowing how to choose wisely – and most cost-effectively – from among the dizzying array of marketing tactics available today.

Strategic Partnering: Get By With a Little Help from Your Friends: Presented byElaine Quinn, Owner and President, The Solopreneur Specialist

Many small business owners are not aware of the concept of “strategic partnering.” Unlike legal partnerships, these are short-term, informal arrangements where the parties simply agree to cooperate in order to advance their mutual interests. Strategic collaborations can be fun, low-risk ways to significantly broaden exposure to potential clients, enhance your visibility and reputation, and increase your income. Just because you’re IN business by yourself doesn’t mean you have to DO business by yourself!

This webinar discusses:

    • three popular partnering formats and their advantages
    • where to find potential partners and how to identify those who will be a good fit
    • specific business-building activities that are easier and more fun when you’re with a partner


Generating Relationships and Referrals with LinkedIn: Presented by Viveka von Rosen,  Author, Speaker, Strategist,  Linked Into

This presentation covers immediately actionable LinkedIn strategies to help you transform LinkedIn into a business lead generation machine. With step by step instruction and real life examples of DMM businesses that have excelled through their interaction on LinkedIn, the audience is sure to leave with implementable strategies in hand.  This webinar includes:

  • A plan to optimize your profile with the latest features and classic strategies
  • Ninja strategies for connecting and engaging with hot prospects and referral partners within and outside of your network
  • An implementable LinkedIn checklist for efficient and powerful engagement


Protecting Older Clients From Fraud: Presented by Helen Modly,  CFP, CPWA, Principal, Focus Wealth Management, Ltd.

Older Americans lose about $3 Billion each year to financial fraud. This webinar explores why older people are more susceptible to being victimized financially, and who are the most common perpetrators of this fraud. Modly identifies warning signs of elderly financial fraud and discusses strategies and resources available for protecting the older client from financial fraud.


Health Savings Accounts (HSAs): Presented by Darrell Perkins, Vice President of Sales Northern California, Sterling Health Services Administration

The webinar covers the basic HSA concept including who can have an HSA, the taxation of HSA contributions and disbursements, how HSAs work with HSA compatible health coverage, how HSA funds can be used on a tax free basis to pay for current (or future) medical, dental and vision expenses or invested.

Given the current state of healthcare premiums, Social Security and Medicare, this session will also cover why everyone looking to reduce their current fixed costs and save for retirement should have an HSA.


Still Someone - Working with people who have memory loss: Presented by Margit Novack, President, Moving Solutions/eSMMART

Whether your business focus is helping seniors downsize or relocate, pay bills, age in place, or simply better organize their homes, you will increasingly interact with clients who have some degree of memory impairment. This program helps you understand what is normal, and what’s not, and provides you with specific tools and communication strategies to increase your effectiveness. You’ll learn communication techniques that reduce client anxiety and frustration while maximizing their dignity and independence. The aging tsunami has arrived. If you are not equipping yourself to serve the senior population, you are leaving money on the table.

After completing this webinar participants will understand the difference between normal age related memory loss, mild cognitive impairment and dementia. Participants will learn best practices for working with clients who have memory loss, including how to help clients with cognitive impairment participate meaningfully in decision making. Communication techniques that maximize the client’s dignity and independence will also be covered. By adding new services and increasing their competency with older adults, daily money managers are positioning themselves to take advantage of the booming senior market.


Medical Identity Theft: Awareness, Consequences, Costs, and Prevention: Presented by Linda Vincent, RN.PI., Vincent & Associates

Medical identity theft is a growing threat in the nefarious world of identity theft. Although it is not as well-known as financial identity theft, the impact of medical identity theft is long-lasting and life-threatening. It affects one in four Americans and accounts for three percent of all identity theft cases, or approximately 250,000 cases per year. With only one arrest made in every 700 cases, medical identity theft costs consumers and businesses nearly $60 billion each year. Unfortunately, the financial costs of medical identity theft are only part of the problem. In addition to the devastating economic ramifications, medical identity theft can literally be a matter of life and death. An incorrect entry such as an allergy or blood type in the medical records of a victim can lead to serious reactions or death. This informative, unforgettable presentation takes participants step-by-step through the dangers physicians, patients, and businesses face, as well as tried and true strategies for preventing medical identity theft. Participants will learn:

  • Common tactics thieves use to gain access to personal information
  • How to spot medical identity theft
  • Latest scams
  • Strategies to implement to prevent medical identity theft
  • Immediate actions to take if you become a victim


From Paper to the Cloud: Digitizing Financial Records: Presented by David L. Haase ,  Vice President, Social Media & Content, Integrated Web Strategy

The best of us keep boxes and file cabinets of old financial records, from bank statements to lists of investments to insurance policy numbers written on the back of an envelope. This is time-consuming, inefficient and expensive. Digital media (from DVDs to USB drives to the ‘cloud’) make that unnecessary. Learn how to create, convert and keep financial records on digital media. This webinar will cover:

  • Why digital records beat paper records
  • Pros & cons of all of the major digital media, including the elusive “cloud”
  • The power of PDF documents
  • How to pick a printer or scanner for digitizing
  • What the “cloud” is, how you already use it now and record-keeping services “up there”


The Daily Money Manager's Role in Helping Clients Become Medicaid Eligible: Presented by Rebecca R. Eddy, PDMM, Partner, Eddy & Schein In-Home Administrators for Seniors®

While States vary in Medicaid benefits for seniors, the role of the DMM is basically the same, and every DMM should know what the long-term health care options are for their clients (self pay, long-term care insurance, Medicaid) and how to help them prepare.  The role of DMMs can often be critical in making Medicaid eligibility happen since DMMs have the day-to-day in-home interaction with the client. Participants will learn:

  • Why DMMs need to know about Medicaid
  • Where to go for resources to be more educated about eligibility and requirements in each state
  • How to identify clients who might be candidates for Medicaid
  • When to begin work on making a client Medicaid eligible
  • How to build a team to help a client become Medicaid eligible
  • What the role is of the DMM in the process of a client becoming Medicaid eligible


Supporting the Executor of an Estate: Presented by Anne DeNovo, Attorney

This webinar will provide an overview of the steps in administering an estate and the services a daily money manager can provide to support the executor of the estate.  The DMM's role in supporting the executor begins with gathering information while the client is alive and making sure that the client has the appropriate planning documents in place.  Participants will learn about the steps in the probate process, the difference between probate and non-probate assets, the specific services that DMMs can and should provide, potential pitfalls for DMMs, and the division of responsibilities among attorneys, accountants, daily money managers and other professionals.  The program will also include a discussion of income tax and estate tax issues for estate.


New Ideas for Helping Clients with Spending – Saving and Changing Money Management Behaviors: Presented by
Jo Ann Linck, Accredited Financial Counselor, The Money Team

This seminar is designed to help Daily Money Managers add some aspects of financial counseling to their services for clients. Managing money requires choices. Part of the session will cover “solution focused counseling” and the rest will explain techniques DMMs can use to assist clients in gaining control of spending, saving and debt. Participants will learn:

  • The importance of wants, needs and values when understanding money management behaviors.
  • How cash flow analysis helps to develop a spending plan.
  • How to develop a spending plan that will allow the client to get from paycheck to paycheck, pay bills and eventually get out of debt.


Complex Medical Bills and Claims: Presented by Becky Stephenson, President/CEO, VersaClaim, Inc.

Health insurance bills and claims can be very complicated. Even people with health insurance may have many bills or complicated denied medical claims. Medical claims advocacy is a very specialized form of patient advocacy. This webinar will inform participants about medical claims advocacy and describes the work of a medical claims advocate and how it may benefit clients of AADMM professionals. The webinar will cover:

  • How to recognize signs of medical claims issues with clients.
  • How to define a Medical Claims Advocate and their areas of expertise.
  • How to know if your client needs an advocate.
  • Where to find a reputable advocate, what to look for and questions to ask.
  • Tips for DMMs on how to organize and prepare the client in order to save healthcare dollars.


Organizing Your Clients: Presented by Diane Smith, President, Simple Work Solutions, LLC.

This webinar will cover topics such as helping clients eliminate office clutter, how to plan good working space, develop efficient office systems (communication, filing, supplies, etc.) and how to manage tasks and time. Participants will learn better ways to help their clients with their office organizing. They will learn more efficient ways to handle the day to day tasks to assure more work in less time. The information gained in this seminar will help clients in their home offices and business offices. They will learn different ways of handling paper, records, communication, and technology and time management.


Short Sales and Your Clients: Presented by Linda Weathers, Broker/Owner, SA Short Sale Services

Participants will learn the latest on the short sale real estate market:

  • What your clients need to know for their real estate portfolio.
  • How a short sale can help the bleeding if clients are upside down or behind on the mortgage.
  • What lenders are doing and what are the options.


Building Your Business Through Networking and Referrals: Presented by Adrian Miller, President,  Adrian Miller Sales Training

Building Your Business Through Networking and Referrals is a highly practical and results driven webinar that will provide tips, tricks and techniques for you to get the most ROI (return on investment) and ROT (return on time) from your networking and business building initiatives. Think you’ve heard it all before? Think again and be prepared to take away information that you can put to work Immediately! Participants can expect to walk away with the following information and more:

  • Best practices for networking including developing a networking “game plan”, tips for overcoming shyness, your “15-second pitch” and much more
  • Getting the best return on time: how to stay “on the grid” with referral sources and prospects
  • Developing your personal brand and why it is critical to your success
  • The process of business development: how to effectively develop new business while busy working with clients and executing your existing business


Six Scams Targeting Seniors: Presented by Chris DeBarres, Co-Owner, Help Unlimited, Inc.

Senior citizens remain prime targets for fraud and exploitation. “Six Scams Targeting Seniors” picks apart the most common scams currently being used to defraud older individuals, as reported by media, law enforcement, and consumer advocacy groups. Participants will gain awareness about the scams, an understanding of why scams work, how to recognize the common features of scams and frauds, and some useful “quick responses” to share with their clients when confronted with a scam.


Time for Change! 15.5 Strategies for Surviving & Thriving during times of change

Change is a consistent theme in your personal and professional life.  Understanding your personal response to change is the key to being able to effectively navigate the myriad of changes facing you and your clients each day.  When you understand your response and develop strategies for overcoming resistance, you can also help those around you do the same. Participants will learn:

  • The difference between change and transition, and why it matters.
  • The predictable nature of your response to change.
  • Models for managing change and transition more effectively.
  • The 3.5 Questions that will help you and your client move through change and transition more easily. 
  • The attitudes and beliefs that will support you during times of change, and beyond!
  • Tools and techniques for helping you, your clients and their families understand how to move forward during times of change. 


What to do in an emergency – Best Practices

Emergencies can happen to anyone at any time. What are some important steps we can take to better protect our clients and ourselves during emergencies? In this seminar, participants learn:

  • Types of emergencies they and their clients are most likely to face.
  • What are vital records, how they differ from other archived documents and ways to prepare them in case of evacuation.
  • How to make a home inventory (usually in under an hour) to save countless hours and dollars in case of an insurance claim.
  • Options to integrate paper and digital files.
  • How to make a “Plan B” to support your clients when the unexpected happens.
  • Questions to ask about protecting your own business in case of disaster.

Engaging the Aging: Marketing to the Senior Client

Are you ready for the approaching silver tsunami? Recently released data from the U.S. Census Bureau informs us that between 2005 and 2030, the senior market (age 60 and over) will grow by 81%, while the remaining adult market (18-59 years of age) will grow by only 7%. In this session, you’ll walk away with the “must know” information you need to successfully market to this growing senior demographic.
During the webinar participants will:

  • Discover the scope and depth of the targeted senior market.
  • Learn what others may not tell you: the “Aging Network” can fuel your business with no or low-cost referrals.
  • Understand how to communicate with older clients and how elderspeak can negatively influence your prospective clients.
  • Secure tools needed to develop “senior-friendly” print and web marketing materials.

FREE: Introduction to Daily Money Management

Considering a career in daily money management? Click here to listen to our free recorded webinar to learn more about the profession and see if it may be a good fit for you.



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