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1. Certification Application
A certification application must be properly completed to renew the PDMM certification.  (Click here for application)
2. Certification Fee
The fee is $150 members and $200 non members for the three-year period. The certification fee is non-refundable, and AADMM acceptance of a fee payment does not guarantee or imply that an individual's certification will be renewed. All renewal requirements must be completed by the renewal deadline to renew your PDMM certification.
3. Continuing Education Units
20 credit hours of continuing education in acceptable courses, programs or activities. One credit hour consists of 50 or 60 minutes of participation in an approved course or program. The American Association of Daily Money Managers does accept ½ credits in the measure of 30 to 50 minutes of participation. Anything less is not acceptable. This shall include:
    a. 2 credit hours in ethical issues
    b. 10 credit hours in Payroll, Finance, Bookkeeping and Bill Paying
    c. 8 credit hours in Standards of Practice & Types of Expenses.

Hours can only be earned during your current certification period and any hours over the required number are not eligible to be rolled over to the next certification year. Please note: you are not eligible to earn CEU credits until you have received your certification packet from AADMM. Your certificate will list the dates you are eligible to earn CEU credits.

    CEU credits must be submitted with the following documents:

Continuing Education Units (CEU) Tracking Sheet.
List each course taken, date, and how many CEUs were assigned and in what category. Include courses/programs whose approval is still pending.

AADMM now uses a Continuing Education Tracking system to track your certification status and maintain certificates. Any courses sponsored by AADMM as well as Outside Continuing Education Course submitted for approval will be updated online. Unless stated on the Outside Continuing Education Approval (OCEA) there is no need to print a copy of your certificates that have been applied online, but courses must still be listed in the CEU Attendance Form that is submitted with your recertification documents.

Click here for instructions on how to use the CEU Tracking system.



Certificate of Completion
If the course does not provide a Certificate of Completion the PDMM must supply the CEU Attendance Form

Certificate of Completion for any Outside Continuing Education Approval (OCEA) that was not submitted at time of course approval must accompany the recertification application. The Certificate of Approval notification will state if a certificate is needed at time of recertification.

All reported CEU hours must be processed by AADMM 30 days prior to the expiration date of the current certification period in order to avoid certification expiration.

**Please review Noncompliance with Renewal Requirements and Continuing Education - Acceptable Courses and Programs sections.

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