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Meet the AADMM Staff

  • BusinesAADMM’s staff is here to help daily money managers get the most from their association memberships,  help the public understand the role of daily money managers, and direct potential clients to daily money managers who can help them.

Denise Ott, CAE – Association Director 
Responsible for: 

• Overall administration
• Financial management
• Board and some committee support
• Facilitated planning sessions
• Development of the annual work plan and budget
• Coordination of all staff functions
• Assistance with organizational structure and operations.

Denise has worked for more than fifteen years in nonprofit association management, and has been AADMM’s business manager since 2014. She has a business degree from Penn State University.
Direct Phone:  717-580-1946 Email:

Rachel Jarabeck, Marketing and Communications Director 
Responsible for:

• Writing and designing AADMM’s newsletters, brochures, conference materials, exhibit materials, etc.
• Preparing and distributing broadcast communications
• Updating the website
• Media relations and general marketing management.
• Staff support of the marketing committee and its subcommittees.

Rachel has more than 20 years of experience working in communications and marketing for associations, corporations, and nonprofits.
Direct Phone: 814-357-9191 (AADMM Business Office) Email:

Catherine Krein, Education Manager
Responsible for:

• Working with educationally-oriented committees (webinars, etc.)
• Overseeing the webinar planning and delivery system
• Overseeing speaker communications, evaluation, and financial reporting for these events

Catherine has worked in association management for more than five years, and she also worked for 18 years in education and marketing with international corporations.
Direct Phone: 814-357-9191 (AADMM Business Office) Email:

Kelly Dolan, Program Assistant
Responsible for programs that support certification, including the approval process for continuing education credits and managing the Certification Board.

Kelly has more than eleven years in various office support positions.
Direct Phone:  814-355-9191 (AADMM Business Office) Email:

Terri Breon, Operations Manager 
Responsible for managing central office operations, including: 

• Managing the databases for membership records
• Dues invoicing
• All registration processing, including conference attendees and exhibitors
• Preparation of attendee packets for the conference and other events
• Tracking emails, faxes, and mailing addresses for mass communications
• Managing office staff, including the bookkeeper and other part-time contractors
• Working on-site with the annual conferences to handle exhibitors, oversee the entire registration process, etc.

Terri has worked for more than 20 years in company and organizational office positions, and she has completed specialized training in computer software programs.

Direct Phone:  814-357-9191 (AADMM Business Office) Email:


Responsible for:

• Weekly processing of income and bill paying.
• Invoicing as necessary and generally oversees the day-to-day financial operations.
• Assisting with preparation of budgets and compilation of financial reports for events and other activities.  

Phone:  814-357-9191 (AADMM Business Office) Email: