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CDMM Certification

AADMM recently obtained the CDMM® trademark and is transitioning from the current use of PDMM® to CDMM®. All references of PDMM and Professional Daily Money Manager will be transitioning to CDMM and Certified Daily Money Manager. We hope to complete this by end of 2019 and would ask that you please be patient during this transition and know reference to the two, are the same certification.

Certification is another step daily money management professionals can take to achieve excellence in their profession and to establish themselves within the industry. The Certified Daily Money Manager (CDMM®) certification demonstrates dedication to the field and a commitment to continuing education. Certification is not required of members or of professionals who work as daily money managers, however, it does demonstrate an additional commitment to the industry.

What’s required for CDMM Certification?

The certification process involves several areas including the following qualifications:

  • Application – Submission of the CDMM® certification application.
  • Background check –  All applicants must agree to a background check.
  • Hours worked  – A minimum of 1500 hours of paid daily money management work experience in the last three (3) years,  or  A minimum of 1250 hours of paid daily money management work experience in the last three (3) years, plus a maximum of 250 eligible pro bono or volunteer hours in the last three years is required. The work experience must be performed for individuals or small businesses by the applicant in the capacity of a daily money manager for clients. Working within a corporation or company doing similar tasks where that company does not perform daily money management services is not acceptable.
  • Fee – An application fee of $300 for members and $450 for non-members is required.
  • Examination – Each applicant must sit for a 100 question exam with a minimum score of 75 to pass.

Still have questions about the certification process or want more details? Visit the Certification FAQs here or download the PDF.

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Already certified?

Click here to learn how to maintain CDMM® certification.




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