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All webinars are woth 1.0 CEU unless otherwise specified within their description

Protecting Yourself, Your Agency or Your Clients from Theft and Fraud

Power of Attorney (2015)

Medical Identity Theft: The Nefarious side of Identity Theft

What You Need to Know About Identity Theft

Computer Backup: Keeping Critical Files Safe and Secure

Identity Theft: What Daily Money Managers Need to Know (2013)

Fiduciary Fitness

Why Insurers Deny Payment for Services and What You Can do to Minimize Patient Responsibility

What to Do When a Client Dies

A Daily Money Manager’s Guide to Long Term Care Insurance: How It Works & Who Should Buy It

Care at Home: Helping Clients Make Wise Choices

Reverse Mortgages – Myth vs. Reality

Protecting Yourself, Your Agency or Your Clients from Theft and Fraud

What to Put in Your Love Drawer

Financial Powers of Attorney: Practical Applications and Limitations

Advanced Dive into Medicare Resources

Being There for Long-Standing Clients with Dementia: How to Prepare for Changes

Smart Strategies for Being Indispensable After the Client Dies

All webinars are worth 1.0 CEU unless otherwise specified within their description

Creating A Digital Estate Plan

An Introduction to VA Benefits: VA Cash Benefits And VA Medical Coverage

Things to Know About Household Employee Payroll and Taxes

What to do BEFORE Someone Dies: Helping Your Client Families Survive Loss as a Cohesive Unit

Using Quicken to Track Investments

Tax Organization – Making Tax Season a Little Easier for your clients and their tax accountants

Recordkeeping of Client Information

Helping Clients Manage Assets in the Internet Age

What’s Deductible

How to Help & Support Your Overspending Clients

What to Put in Your Love Drawer

Employing Caregivers: Impact of Regulatory & Legislative Changes on Your Clients

The Many Faces of Debt Elimination

What’s New in Taxes for 2018

Divorcing Clients? The Role a DMM Can Play in the Process


Ethics & Empathy

Understanding AADMM’s Code of Ethics

Practical and Professional Approaches to Working with People with Disabilities

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