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Noreen Flood

owner Daily Money SolutionsDaily Money Solutions
Work 1437 N. Denver Ave. #234 Loveland Colorado 80538 Cell Phone: 970.690.4333Website: http:smbusinesshelp.com


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Daily Money Solutions:   three areas of focus        a.  Bookkeeping for small businesses            b. Daily Money Management for seniors or busy professionals            c.  Fiduciary services – which means I can act in the Trustee capacity, or otherwise am responsible for financial transactions

 Bookkeeping –  I use Quick Books, most businesses are familiar with that program.  I will do your books in my office or yours, it doesn’t matter to me.  Payroll services are also available.

Daily Money Management – any individual that needs to keep track of income or expenses for any reason; i.e. tax purposes, or any individual that needs help paying bills, staying on top of the mail, reading EOBs and understanding them.

  • Usually I go to their home, but occasionally work remotely
  • I am old enough to know how to do things the old fashioned way (write checks), reconcile a checkbook by hand; and savvy enough to allow technology help when appropriate
  • Trust is a huge part of what I do, you have to trust me and I have to trust you, without that there is nothing that goes right

 Fiduciary Services – in these situations, I step into the financial trustee role.  I manage disability trusts, my business is named as trustee in family trusts.  I can also serve as conservator, which means if someone needs help managing money, or the courts get involved and name my business as conservator, I step into a role where I pay bills on the behalf of another, and report the activity to a trust, the courts, or city or county health & human services department.

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