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    I received an email requesting an interview from Mel Magazine. It is an online magazine that covers self-care and they are looking to do an article on daily money management as part of their series. Has anyone heard of this magazine. I am trying to determine if this is an appropriate publication to be written in.

    Thank you
    Kelly Loeffler
    Keep Me Organized, LLC


    According to their about me section, this was “Founded in 2015 in L.A. by Dollar Shave Club.”. So it is basically a marketing outreach site for their shaving products. Looks like they have a lot of free-lance writers (gig economy!) who are probably looking for stuff to write about.


    Hello Thomas,

    Yes I noticed that as well, which is why it prompted to me to reach out to others. I do not want to get caught up into something inappropriate.


    Hi Kelly,
    I never heard of the magazine so I Googled it.


    From the ABOUT page:

    “There’s no playbook for how to be a guy.

    So at MEL, we’re trying to figure out how to live without one. A lifestyle and culture magazine, we cover sex, relationships, health, money, work and culture from a male point-of-view — even though we’re not all male, and aren’t entirely sure what “male” should mean anymore. We tell stories that no one else is telling, share perspectives that no one else is considering and illuminate people that no one else would even think to seek out.
    Thanks for reading. We’re trying our best.”
    Founded in 2015 in L.A. by Dollar Shave Club.

    I took the liberty to edit it a little.
    Dollar Shave Club is a real company that “disrupted” the razor industry.

    Take a look at the content. It’s obviously very male oriented. That doesn’t mean the audience couldn’t benefit from learning about DMMs. If you’re not interested you can pass my name along.

    Peter Gordon


    As Peter says, getting word out about DMMs probably isn’t a bad idea. Perhaps it would be good to ask the writer who contacted you to give information on other mags they have written for/been published in. That way you can see if this is a ligit journalist or just a glorified blogger.

    Karen Ethridge

    Hello Kelly,

    Great question! Appreciate the follow up responses as well.

    As Chair of the Public Awareness committee, we definitely encourage DMMs to get the word out about AADMM, yet also want to be careful (as you are doing by posting the question on this forum) about the publications we appear in. This one looks harmless enough and I remember enjoying the Dollar Shave club’s commercials.

    Sometimes, there can be issues with writers who include information that is inaccurate; for instance, the hourly rates DMMs charge. This can make it difficult for DMMs who have higher rates due to being a fiduciary for their clients and/or providing other higher cost services.

    So I’ve found that it’s important to be clear when you are speaking about your business and experience, rather than on behalf of AADMM.

    FYI We should be getting information very soon about the Marketing Partners recommendations for AADMM on our brand and ways we can promote the great work we do with our clients! 🙂

    Thanks again!

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