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    Do any of you have a tag line that you use? I am updating my marketing and am attempting to come up with one to add to my materials. Would you be willing to share your tag lines to help me get the juices flowing on ideas?

    Thank you!



    Hi Jackie

    My tag line is:

    “Because Doing the Right Thing Matters”

    I am in the process of Trademarking it, but would be OK with you making a variation of it if you wish.



    Hi Jackie,

    Mine is “We help people navigate financial journeys”. The name of my company is Gudgel Professional Services (GPS) with a compass as a logo. So, that is why the navigation theme.

    But I did notice that AADMM also uses the word navigate on their banner (we borrowed it for an AZ NAELA Conference). You might look through the AADMM marketing materials as at a recent AZ group meeting, one of the national board members said that AADMM is developing a new tagline.



    A recent SCORE class I attended suggested that one starts by identifying what is unique about the business. What value do your clients get from you that makes them want to come back (or to refer others)? Hint: it isn’t the actual services you do. Once you get to that value, then putting that into 3-7 words makes a good tag line.

    Ex: “Just do it!” tells you the whole reason Nike exists, but tells you nothing about what they sell. Those three words may have come from something like “We make it possible for the athlete and the wanna-be athlete to eliminate the apparel barriers of their sport. With our products they are now free to just do it.”


    Thank you for all of your input! It is very helpful. Thomas that sounds like it was a great class to attend.


    We Take Care of Your Files So You Can Take Care of Your Family. Not easy to come up with one but other’s advice is good about thinking about WHAT exactly it is that you do and what you want to convey.

    Karen Ethridge

    Hi Jacquelyn,

    I just saw your request as I was going to look at another forum question, so wanted to add my 2cents. My tagline is “Money Matters But People Matter More” which speaks to my DMM work as well as my social work background which has always been client-centered. I have liked several others but they were already “taken” so I’ll keep this for now. Good luck!

    Barbara Boustead

    AADMM Business

    I never thought of this as a tag line before, but on my invoices I use,
    “Giving you time to run your life.”

    This may be especially appropriate for busy professionals but not necessarily for seniors.

    Maggie Knowles
    (206) 383-4357

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