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    I’m not thrilled with the web-based email system I currently have, and I have to do a lot of duplicate work since it isn’t a full PIM (Personal Information Manager) tool. I was looking at Gmail and their G-suite option which would give me a nice set of tools I’m already familiar with for personal use, and looks like I can set up Gmail as my MX record and have my company mail (user@triadpaperwork) be delivered and outgoing appear to be from my domain as well rather than

    Does anyone currently use the G-suite for email/calendar/etc as the behind-the-scenes for their company email, using the company domain name? If so, how do you like it — pros and cons?



    Hi Tom,

    I highly recommend using G-Suite for your business. I setup my church with gSuite about 10 years ago (when it was google docs) when it was still in beta and being offered for free for non-profits. I am still the manager/administrator for it.

    Each person involved gets their own unique ID and email address, such as You can then use and share documents either within the organization or with other outside the organization. We use the calendar for all events and it is displayed on the website. I’ve used the forms feature as a surveymonkey alternative. If you use Chrome as your browser, you can setup different profiles and switch between them very easily. It’s a good way of separating your work documents and email from your personal documents and email.

    We used Dreamhost for our web hosting and they also provide a domain name for free (because of our non-profit status). Dreamhost will setup the MX to automatically work with g-suite.

    If you don’t want to go with the whole g-suite thing and only want your email to be handled differently, them I can recommend For $50/year, you will be able to use your own domain. They use standard IMAP servers so you can use any email program you want (Thuderbird, Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, etc) to access your email and it will be sent with your domain. They allow multiple email address (called alias).

    Finally, you may want to consider They have all documents and email like gSuites but they also have online application such as invoicing, CRM and expenses which may be useful in your business.

    Steve Lyskawa

    Tammy Cordes

    We use G-Suite and have for many many years and are very happy with it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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