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LIVE: Should You Pay That Medical Bill?




This webinar provides an overview of how our current medical billing system works, including the use and importance of benefits statements or explanations of benefits (E.O.Bs.). It will cover verifying out-ofpocket costs, and locating and handling medical billing errors.

This session will help you understand your clients’ benefit statements or E.O.Bs., match them to medical bills, and help determine what the client owes. You will learn the problem areas to watch out for and typical billing errors. There will also be examples of handling vendor/medical bill issues and negotiating with creditors.

Target audience: Daily Money Managers who have clients with health insurance through Medicare, Individual policies or Employer Group plans, and who want to understand how claims are paid and how much their clients owe on a medical bill.

Presenter: Holly Monger, President, HSM Insurance Consulting
Holly is a Registered Health Underwriter, and a licensed Producer in Life, Health, Property & Casualty. She has over 30 years’ experience in the health insurance industry and started her own business as a Health Claim Advocate in 1992. She analyzes, tracks, audits and appeals claims as well as educating people on their coverage. She has helped countless individuals and companies find resolutions to their difficult insurance situations, using her skills and resources.

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