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Partners and Affiliates

Partner organization: Aging Life Care Association

Aging Life Care Association

Aging Life Care Professionals have extensive knowledge about the costs, quality, and availability of resources in their communities. As members of ALCA, Aging Life Care Professionals must meet stringent education, experience, and certification requirements of the organization, and all members are required to adhere to a strict code of ethics and standards of practice. Members may be trained in any of number of fields related to long-term care. These include counseling, gerontology, mental health, nursing, occupational therapy, psychology, social work, and other allied health professions, with a specialized focus on issues related to aging.

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Affiliate Member: Dominion Insurance

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Dominion Insurance Services assists AADMM members in securing the errors & omissions (“E&O”) liability coverage they require. The AADMM sponsored program is a members only benefit underwritten through Lloyd’s of London. The Lloyd’s policy is specifically tailored to daily money managers’ coverage needs and is only available to members of AADMM.

Affiliate Member: Aerie Preferred Financial Group, LLC

Our fee-based firm offers personal wealth management services, including investment management and comprehensive financial planning, retirement services for individuals and businesses and specialized services such as social security income planning, long term care strategies, and tax and legacy planning. In addition to specializing in serving business owners, the firm has long focused on holistic planning and is dedicated to creating customized financial strategies designed to help individuals to preserve their wealth while maximizing retirement income.  We take great pride in our unique process and service because we care deeply about our clients.  Our belief guides everything we do for, and with, our clients.

Affiliate Member: Pinventory
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Pinventory is a secure, web-based vault that organizes and stores personal information.  It focuses on creating a catalog of your home, your business, its contents, and critical documents in order to get the most from insurance claims and help resolve family and estate issues. Our companion app allows us to take photos, input basic information about each item, and seamlessly save both to your online account after clicking “Save.”  You can access your information from anywhere, anytime, and share it with whomever you want.  With the increase in climate-related disasters and the unfortunate reality that accidents can occur at any time, such a product is more imperative than ever.