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The AADMM Media Center offers a wide range of resources for press agencies, journalists, members, future members and those seeking DMM services. Use the links below to learn more about the association and the types of services DMMs provide to their clients.


Older parents may need help with daily tasks, finances

At a certain point, adult children and their aging parents might find themselves in a reversal of roles, with the children taking control and making important decisions about the parents’ finances, medical care and other day-to-day needs. The transition might be difficult, especially if the parents are hesitant.

Dementia Discussions Podcast

Twenty years ago, Natalie Stanger started a company to “help seniors do the things they could no longer do or didn’t want to do.” Natalie talks about how she got into the world of geriatrics and found her niche as a Daily Money Manager (a “DMM”).

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