Continuing Education Unit Tracking System

AADMM’s CEU Tracking Systems allows attendees to track their attendance at AADMM’s educational events. After logging into the site, you will see all of your completed training sessions dating back to January 2013. This includes:

  • Webinars
  • Regional educational programs
  • AADMM annual conference (starting with the Nov. 2013 conference)
  • Non-AADMM educational trainings you submitted for CEU credits toward your CDMM® certification

You will receive an email each time your record is updated with new credits, alerting you to visit the system for your certificate(s). You can download and print a certificate of attendance for these sessions and they will be archived on the site for your own professional certification needs.

Step-by-step instructions to access the system are outlined below:

* Note that the username and password for this system is different from the password used to gain access to the members-only portion of the AADMM website.

1. Visit the continuing education tracking website. (The web access link recently changed, so please remember to update any web browser bookmarks with the current site location.)

2. Input the account name, which is AADMM.

3. Input username, which is your email address.

4. Input password, which is your Personal ID. If your Personal ID is less than four digits, add zeros in front until you have four digits (0025). Upon logging in, you may follow the instructions below to change your password.
*If you do not remember your password, you may select the “Forgot Password” and your password will be sent to the email address on file. Please request username or password information via email at, for privacy reasons, log in information may not be given out over the phone.

5. The welcome page will include personal information as well as sections for CDMM® license information and courses taken.

6. Within the CDMM® license details are certification renewal and expiration dates; remember – AADMM requires renewal documentation to be submitted 30 days prior to the expiration date.

7. Each course should be listed, along with “Certificate” and “Details” icons.
    • To view certificates, press the Certificate icon. You can print your certificate here by right-clicking and choosing “print”. You may have to adjust your printer settings so that it prints correctly (to print the certificate fully on one page, with details on the other, set printer Orientation settings to “landscape” and Scale settings to “100%”). To get back to the welcome screen, use your browser’s back button.
    • The Details icon shows the session, date and number of credits earned. Click on the “print certificate” area to view certificate, and right-click on the certificate to print. Return to the welcome screen, by using the browser’s back button or click “return to home”.

8. The system updates allow users to change contact information by clicking the “manage/edit user profile” verbiage on the right of the User Home window.
    • This section will allow updates to all contact information including log in information.
    • Password may be changed within the “manage/edit user profile” page and clicking the verbiage that says “change password” in the far right of the profile window.

Please remember, changing profile information in the certificate system, is separate from the American Association of Daily Money Managers log in database, and information is not shared between the two; users must make updates to both locations.

Instructions for First-Time Users
If logging in to the AADMM online continuing education tracking system for the first time, and/or the above instructions do not work, please email to request account activation.

Questions? Contact AADMM at