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I’m Karen R. Caccavo, and I’m a Daily Money Manager (also called a financial organizer).  I woke up recently with an earworm that I couldn’t shake.  What was the tune stuck in my head?  Aha!  It was the music on hold for E*Trade!  After all, the day before, it was my soundtrack for 45 minutes while waiting for a live person.  I was calling for more information on adding a Power of Attorney to a client’s account.

The earworm got me thinking of other

telltale signs of my 13 years as a Daily Money Manager, or DMM.

3 signs that you’re a Daily Money Manager:

  • You know you’re a DMM when a friend offers you an extra file cabinet because he knows that you can never say no to (yet) another one.
  • You know you’re a DMM when you write a check from your own checking account but then hesitate before signing it—because you are so used to writing checks for other people’s (i.e. client’s) signature.
  • You know you’re a DMM when you carry Band-Aids in your briefcase because your most common on-the-job injury is a papercut.

3 MORE signs that you’re a Daily Money Manager:

You know you’re a DMM when the voice on the American Express 800 number (along with the ones from the other major credit card companies and banks) is as familiar as an old friend’s.

You know you’re a DMM when you (politely) correct total strangers who use “Medicare” and “Medicaid” interchangeably.

You know you’re a DMM when you’re ready to jump in when referred to as a “money manager.” You reflexively explain that you’re not a Wall Street money manager but the trusted professional at the kitchen table identifying important mail, paying bills, clearing clutter, finding ways to simplify and bring peace of mind to clients sitting by your side.

How about you?  What signs (big and small, significant and subtle) show that you belong to your chosen profession?  Try this:

  • You know you’re a [fill in the blank] when you [fill in the blank]!


This article was originally posted by AADMM Member Karen R. Caccavo of Personal Money Manager, a daily money manager located in New York.

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